We understand the importance of custom branding solutions for your exclusive retail brands. In addition to our premium product line, we offer services and work with retail and wholesale customers of all areas of the food industry, as well as major players in the grocery store world, to develop exclusive private collections that will compliment existing in-store bakery and pie programs.


Retailers need to differentiate their products in the marketplace while establishing their store as preferred destinations. With private branding and exclusive high quality products is available for your own brand and wholesale needs. Through our dedicated team of industry experts and our unique ability to meet high production needs, many private label distributors turn to us for their exclusive branding needs. We work closely with our customers to develop and create exactly what they are looking for.


Maintain a competitive advantage by through private branding of exclusive high quality products. From custom product development to branding that meets your retail brand strategy, our innovative practices and team of experts continuously working on product development allow us to guarantee that your premium pies will stop customers’ shopping carts and compliment your in-store bakery.


What we do, we do well! Gaudet Sweet Goods offers only the highest quality products to our customers the selection of the finest ingredients and strict process control. Our certifications, including COR Dairy (Kosher), FSSC 2200 by GFSI and Aliments préparés au Québec, guarantee the highest level of quality, food safety and freshness for all of your exclusive private label collections throughout every production cycle.


Our established reputation for culinary excellence, rapid production and execution of the latest emerging trends and expertise position us as leaders in the oven-baked pie industry. We offer our customers a turnkey partnership while crafting an innovative collection of decadent pies to help elevate our retail partners’ in-store bakeries.